Mommy’s Little Helper

Pre-mommy bed time routine:

Remove eye makeup, wash face, swipe with witch hazel, apply eye cream, apply night moisturizer, spot treat any blemishes, hit the hay.

Mommy bed time routine:

Swipe face/eyes with cleansing towelette, apply eye cream, maybe night moisturizer, hit the hay.

What a difference, huh?  By the time I get ready for bed I’m beat…sometimes I have to peel myself off the couch and practically crawl to the bathroom.  Its horrible.  It wasnt too bad when I was home for 6.5 months, but since I’ve become a working mommy it has intensified three-fold.  Oh, and my sons bedroom is right next to the bathroom and the water has woken him up in the past…anything to not wake a sleeping baby!!

So today, all I’m going to do is a rave about my nighttime lifesaver – Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes.  I picked these up shortly before I gave birth 10 months ago and have used them just about every night since I came home from the hospital.   I cant say enough about these babies – they clean my skin well (lightly textured to exfoliate – bonus!), leave me feeling soft not dry, and I seldom have a blemish. 

When I went back to work I was skeptic if these would still work.  While I was home my makeup routine consisted mostly of moisturizer, brown eyeliner, undereye concealer, and bronzer – simple yet effective and not too much to clog up the pores!  My work makeup on the other hand is the works – foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and blush/bronzer.  And you know what?  They havent let me down.  I’ve been back to work for 3 months now and my skin has had 1, maybe 2 blemishes pop up and that’s probably because there were a couple of nights I went to bed without even swiping a wipe across my face (yes, that tired sometimes). 

As you know, I’m also a gym rat and frequently work up a sweaty mess.  Again, these towelettes have not failed me.  I’ve used just these in lieu of face wash and still no breakouts.  Sometimes I’ll use 2, but it’s still quicker and easier than lathering up.

I’ve never had such success with a face cleanser – and I’ve tried so many over the years I can’t even begin to name them all.  These are my lifesaver – they make my night routine a lot easier, reduce the risk of waking my child, and keep me looking great.  My only caution is be careful around the eye area.  A lot of nights I don’t have the energy for eye makeup remover and use these.  They work great but do sting a bit (and I’m sure there is a warning about avoiding the eye area on the tub, I just choose to ignore things).

I purchase mine at my local Wal-Mart.  Initially you purchase the tub  (with a package of towelettes in it), and then you can buy 2-pack refills.  Not sure of the pricing and it’s not available on the Wal-Mart site, but trust me when I say they are cheaper than commercial brands.  And they last – they last longer than a bottle of most face washes.  All around, I have not one complaint.

Check them out: