A Mini-Mani…In 30…In the Car. Was It A Success Or Flop?

Found!  Yes, I have found the perfect place to perform a mini-mani…

The car!  Today I did a quick polish change in my car – in a half hour – and here’s why I think it’s the perfect place:

1.  The steering wheel makes the perfect mount to place my hand on while I polish.  I didn’t miss a single edge because I had such a great view of the nail.

2. 5 minutes with the AC blasting and my nails were dry!  Yep. 

3.  Keeps me out of the stores from spending more money that I don’t need to be spending.

So I left for lunch with a chipped-up yet shiny gray manicure and came back with some plastic-y red nails (more on that in a minute).  Some quick notes, though.  First, this wasnt a full-on manicure.  I just went for a manicure last week so my cuticles are in good shape and my nails didn’t need shaping/filing.  It really was just a color change.  Second, I didn’t use a top coat because this polish isn’t meant to have a top coat (again, more on that in a minute) so that could have helped.  However, the formula on this was thick and so 2 coats of this probably equals 2 thin coats and a layer of top coat.  Finally, bring non-acetone polish remover with you!  Granted this was a clean job – my beige pants and beige leather seats went unmarked (I know, I’m crazy).  But I did get a mark on my steering wheel.  Non-acetone remover took the spot away and didn’t stain my black steering wheel.

So what color did I use?  I picked up a bottle of Orly Plastix in Retro Red yesterday while I was in my local Sally Beauty Supply.  I swear I stopped in to browse, but when I saw the display I couldn’t resist.  I had been wanting this color since I first saw the previews on some of the other beauty blogs a few months back  but wasnt dying for it (unlike some of my other lusts, cough cough OPI Mad As A Hatter).  And being the impatient person I am, just couldnt wait to make the switch.  But my CEU’s (continuing education units – my personal training certification is almost up and I need to complete these so I don’t lose it) are keeping me from doing much in the evenings so lunch was my only option.

I know this color has been reviewed by many other sites but heres what I think.  The color is meant to have the finish of plastic.  Visually it is a smooth, eggshell finish.  To the touch it does feel a bit plastic-y!  I havent tried any matte polishes because it’s just not my ideal (nails are meant to be shiny) so I can’t compare this to a matte, but this has just enough sheen to not be dull.  The color isn’t really a true red to me.  In some lights in looks like a very bright coral and yet I wouldn’t call it that either.  Reminds me of something Betty Boop would wear for some reason.  The formula was really thick on this but wasnt unmanageable.  Not gloppy, but definitely thicker than a regular Orly.  I almost expect this to be a chipalooza but we shall see.  I have one dent in my thumb, but that’s because I was trying to dig through my bag for a q-tip to touch up the edges.  The one thing I will say, is that it does dry fairly quick and thanks to not needing top coat, made this a breeze in terms of drying time. 

Overall, I think this is a great polish just because its different.  Is it something to rave about?  Not really.  The color is nothing special but something about it is interesting.  I’m guessing its the plastic finish.  I just wish it were available in more colors.  I’m not a fan of oranges and blues, and the purple was just too Barney for me.  Reds are right up my alley.

And just as a quick mommy note, Orly has amazing rubberized handles on their brushes – my 10 month old has much fun teething on this (supervised of course) and will sit quiet for a good 15 minutes massaging his gums on them.  Go ahead, judge me, but when your kid is cutting 3 teeth at one time, anything helps.

And stay tuned!  I have some colors/brands to try that I dont beleive have been swatched/reviewed on any other blog!





Pure Mom – Installment 1

I started this blog with the intention of it being a beauty blog, and in a sense, a consumer blog.  But sometimes, I want to just talk about being a mom.  So I am starting a series called ‘Pure Mom’.  Nothing matters here except the joys/perils/hardships of being a mom.

Todays installment, in my opinion, discusses one of the joys. 

July 2009: I was 7 months pregnant, peeing every 40 minutes (soon to be reduced to 20 minutes), and counting the days until maternity leave (9/11/2009). 

July 2010: Planning my sons first birthday.

I can’t believe I am planning his first birthday.  It feels like only yesterday I was complaining about pregnancy and swearing I would never do it again (which of course was the pregnancy talking, not me).  When I think about it, I’m floored by how much life has changed in a year.  And here we are…2.5 months away from the big day.

Of course, we all know the 1st (and probably 2nd) birthday is for the parents, really.  I’ve got my guest list (need to start the invites), quotes from caterers, planned activities for the older kids, and about 5 to-do lists (oh yes, I’m a list maker).  While reviewing the progress with my husband last night I realized maybe I was being a bit excessive, but I was almost as excited for this party as I was when I found out I was going to the hospital to have my baby.  Crazy?  I don’t think so.  Sure, my son will have no clue whats going on and will not remember any of it.  But I don’t care – that’s what cameras and video cameras are for.  We are celebrating so much that day.  The celebration of a new life, the celebration of all the milestones of the first year (of my husband and I surviving the first year), the celebration of us becoming a family – its more than just a birthday! 

So I will plan my heart out for 2.5 more months and try to make it the greatest day I can.  So tell me guys, what did you do for the ‘big day’.  Did you go simple (family and cake) or all out (pony rides and clowns)?  Maybe somewhere in between?  Tell me!