All About Me – Jen

Hello and welcome!

My name is Jen and I live in Bergen County New Jersey.  I’m not a well-to-do housewife or a tanned-up shore girl, I’m just your average mom/wife/girl.  I’ve always been a bit of a fanatic about anything makeup/skin/nail/hair related and was never afraid to admit I took much joy in pampering myself and I refuse to let my new identity – MOM – push this aside.  Its very easy as a new mom to neglect yourself.  Between the baby, housework, career, and everything else, it is an effort to indulge in the pampering that was once so easy.

My idea for a blog came a few weeks back when I was looking for a new undereye concealer (once I became a working mom an upgrade was necessary).  I searched for reviews in magazines, websites, you name it, and finally settled on a product.  Not so many people will go to the lengths I will go to for beauty.  Some people don’t have the time.  For some people, they just don’t have easy access to products and it is a big disappointment (and hassle) to finally get your hands on something and then have it be a flop.  So my goal here is not to just entertain you with my adventures in beauty land, but to try to provide real-life product results.  Hopefully it helps, and if nothing else, maybe you’ll walk away with a laugh or two because I truly am a fanatic.

Let the fun begin!


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