The Results Are In…Are My Teeth Whiter?

And if so, are they good, great…or the same?

I’ve always had a penchant for teeth whitening products.  I’ve tried strips but they always make my teeth too sensitive (however, I never used them in conjunction with a sensitive teeth toothpaste.  Hmm…).  I also tried this paste-like stuff that you squeeze out of a packet and then paint on your teeth (this was at least 6 years ago) and all I remember are sensitivity issues.  Finally, throughout the years I’ve tried different toothpaste products that claim to whiten your teeth, but I never really saw a difference.  Then again, I wasnt snapping pics either so who knows.

Which is why, when I saw commercials for Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste I just had to try it.  But this time I was determined to see if it really worked.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: 80% reduction in tooth surface stains over 14 days (website link at end of post).

NOTE: although I am NOT a smoker (yuck), I drink 2-3 cups of coffee today, 1 – 2 cans of diet coke, and occasionally a glass of wine (usually red, sometimes white).  I brush my teeth twice a day – once in the morning, once at night.  Throughout the duration of the 2 weeks I brushed my teeth twice a day and consumed my usual diet.  I say this because I don’t feel this should affect the final result, seeing as how in the commercial all the girl seems to do is drink wine, coffee, and eat blueberry pie. 

I took the first picture on Tuesday 7/13/10 before using the product and started that evening as my first brushing.  The second picture was taken 6 days later on Monday 7/19/10.  The final picture was taken Tuesday 7/27/10.

REVIEW: overall, as a toothpaste, I enjoyed this product.  The taste was minty but not overpowering take your breath away, and my teeth felt amazing after each cleaning.  You can see the little scrubbing granules in the foam you spit (gross but had to say it) so you know your teeth are getting scrubbed.  But did I see a difference in the color of my teeth.  A little. 

I can’t say if the surface stains were reduced by 80%, but they do seem a bit brighter.


Before - 7/13/10   7/13/2010 – Before 1st use.

Halfway 7/19/10   7/21/2010 – 6 days into test, roughly half-way.

End of 2 weeks 7/29/10     7/27/10 – after 2 weeks of using twice per day.


Before    After

Do you see a difference?  Other than looking sickly in the first picture, I think they are a little bit brighter.  You tell me what you think!

So – will I be re-purchasing this?  I’d say so, but only for the whitening effect.  When I purchased mine at Rite-Aid it was on sale and came out to $.99…how could I resist!  Usual retail I believe is in the $3-$4 range.  So slightly higher than the $2-$3 toothpaste but I’m curious to see if it keeps working or if the effect tapers off after 2 weeks.  I guess maybe I’ll have to see what my teeth look like next Tuesday!

Product details and where to buy:


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