I Swear I’m Telling The Truth!

My name is Jen and I live in New Jersey! 

I am 28 years old and have lived here my whole life (heck, I live in the same town I grew up in and graduated high school).  However, if you met me you would probably call me a liar.  Why?

I don’t have a tan – I’m pale and proud.  I don’t have big hair and long acrylic nails.  I don’t dress as if I’m heading off to work on a pole.  I’m well-spoken and educated and say ‘Jersey’ not ‘Joisey’.  And this has been me my whole life.  My friends follow suite in this.  So do most people I know/see/meet. 

I don’t live outside my means.  My husband and I earn honest livings, live in a home we can afford, and drive cars we can afford. We rarely shop for ourselves anymore (shopping for our son is much more fun and the priority).  As a matter of fact, my husband needed 2 new pairs of pants for work last week.  Where did he get them from?  Wal-Mart. 

Between MTV’s Jersey Shore, and most recently, the circus that is Theresa and Joe Guidice from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, New Jersey is taking a hard hit to its image.  Whenever I read an article online I always like to view the comments – and I see a lot of Jersey bashing.   

Like any state, NJ has both beautiful and no-so-beautiful places.  And we have a mix of people.  So its sad that because of a small handful we are represented as ‘Guido’s’ who have no financial responsibility or sense’.  I’m the farthest thing from this.  So is my family, so are my friends. 

There are lots of beaches in New Jersey – not just Seaside Heights and Belmar!   My family vacationed in Wildwood for YEARS.  The beaches are clean, the water is clean, and it is an all-around family friendly environment.  This weekend I will be heading down to Long Beach Island with my husband and son.  I cannot wait to dip his toes in the ocean and watch him play in the sand. 

I live in a 2 family home in a quiet suburban neighborhood about 20 minutes outside NYC.  Any store in the mall would be a splurge for us right now.  We are constantly trying to cut expenses and put ourselves on a path that will provide the best life for our child (even if it’s not the fanciest). 

So there you have it – the other side of life in New Jersey.  Not so bad, right?


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