Pure Mom – Installment 1

I started this blog with the intention of it being a beauty blog, and in a sense, a consumer blog.  But sometimes, I want to just talk about being a mom.  So I am starting a series called ‘Pure Mom’.  Nothing matters here except the joys/perils/hardships of being a mom.

Todays installment, in my opinion, discusses one of the joys. 

July 2009: I was 7 months pregnant, peeing every 40 minutes (soon to be reduced to 20 minutes), and counting the days until maternity leave (9/11/2009). 

July 2010: Planning my sons first birthday.

I can’t believe I am planning his first birthday.  It feels like only yesterday I was complaining about pregnancy and swearing I would never do it again (which of course was the pregnancy talking, not me).  When I think about it, I’m floored by how much life has changed in a year.  And here we are…2.5 months away from the big day.

Of course, we all know the 1st (and probably 2nd) birthday is for the parents, really.  I’ve got my guest list (need to start the invites), quotes from caterers, planned activities for the older kids, and about 5 to-do lists (oh yes, I’m a list maker).  While reviewing the progress with my husband last night I realized maybe I was being a bit excessive, but I was almost as excited for this party as I was when I found out I was going to the hospital to have my baby.  Crazy?  I don’t think so.  Sure, my son will have no clue whats going on and will not remember any of it.  But I don’t care – that’s what cameras and video cameras are for.  We are celebrating so much that day.  The celebration of a new life, the celebration of all the milestones of the first year (of my husband and I surviving the first year), the celebration of us becoming a family – its more than just a birthday! 

So I will plan my heart out for 2.5 more months and try to make it the greatest day I can.  So tell me guys, what did you do for the ‘big day’.  Did you go simple (family and cake) or all out (pony rides and clowns)?  Maybe somewhere in between?  Tell me!


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