Oh The Satisfaction

One of my first posts documented my crazed mission to obtain a bottle of OPI Mad As A Hatter.  I said I would post pictures, as well as pictures of the franken MAAH I attempted to make on my own.  I will owe you pictures (just have not had a chance to spend some quality time with my camera) but figured I’d at least give an update.

My bottle finally arrived on Thursday.  Yes, it did take a long time – 3 weeks – but I can’t blame the sender who had a family emergency.  The minute I pulled out the bottle up my eyes lit up – the bottle is pretty enough on its own to where I could just stare at it and daydream.  I immediately put a swipe on my nail (which prompted my husband to say “I hope you plan on doing your nails tonight”) and was not disappointed – so much glitter!  Two coats gave great opacity, but 3 coats left absolutely no visible nail.  I’ve never achieved this before with a glitter (as you will see with the franken polish which is two glitters mixed).  My nails sparkled, literally sparkled.  Blinged out would also be appropriate here. 

And then I woke up.  No, it wasnt a dream – I was just as fascinated by my nails Friday morning as I was Thursday night.  My only gripe is the chip fest that is this polish.  I was bummed because I touched up the nails what seemed like 3 times between Friday and Saturday before finally removing it on Saturday.  So you might be wondering if I was disappointed after all the work I went through, to be so initially happy with the product, just to be let down by it.  The answer?  Nope!  All worth it.  The polish itself is amazing.  I ordered a new bottle of sticky base coat and I’m hoping that will help keep it in place.  In the meantime, I do feel this is my next pedicure color! 

So yes, my dears, you are owed pictures.  PLUS!!  I have been using my whitening toothpaste for just under a week!  I can’t tell if I see a difference just from looking in the mirror, but I will be taking pictures of my teeth tonight for a ‘Day 6 Comparison’.  I will post all pictures at once to show the full progression.


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