Non-Reason vs. Realista…Who Wins?

This is when the fanatical nutcase in me comes out and I try to practice some self-control/practicality.  Who won the battle today?

Essie has put out a limited edition collection called ‘Morticia’s Nails’.  The 3 colors in the set are nothing new or unusual: Blood Curdling Red (a blood-red) Bone Chilling White (white – doesn’t really make sense for Morticia) and Midnight Tango (navy blue). 

Since this is limited edition (only 5,000 pieces were produced) the voice of non-reason in me screamed ‘grab it just because you’ll have it’ and the realista in me was saying ‘$30 for 3 bottles of nail polish is crazy’ (as it was being drowned out by the screaming of non-reason).  I wont lie – I went straight to the website, set up an account, and was just about ready to plop down my $30.  As I type this, the window is still open on my computer. 

But I started thinking (with no voices inside my head to help)…do I really need it?  After all, it is $30 for 3 bottles of not-so-fascinating nail colors (and I doubt I would ever wear the white – reminds me of having white out on my nails), is that really how I want to spend my money?  And I decided…

NOT SO MUCH!  Instead, I’m going to go browsing on my lunch over the next few days and I’m sure I can find a blood-red and navy color that will be a. satisfactory and b. way less than $30.  I’ll buy myself a frapuccino (or 2) with the leftovers…

But I know there are fanatics out there who will die over this collection, I’m sure.  If nothing else, the box is cute and collector-worthy.  After some thought, the set just wasnt doing anything for me.  However, now I’m on a mission for 2 new colors…I’ll update you when I have them!

Discuss!  Have you ever been on the brink of splurging and then your voice of reason kicks in?  How about buyers disappointment/regret if you went through with your ‘must have’ purchase?  The website I visited has an ‘all purchases are final’ rule and the thought of not being able to return this if I wasnt pleased turned me off.  Had it not been so final, maybe I would’ve pressed ‘complete order’.   

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