The Battle Continues…the Gym or the Couch?

If only all my dilemma’s/issues could only be so difficult…

Tuesday 6/29:

Me: cranking out work at my desk, counting the hours ’till I go home.  My phone rings…

JP (my husband): going to my parents house with the baby

This is always an emotional double-edge for me.  The one thing that makes my day every day is going home to the smiling face of my baby.  On the other hand, an evening to myself is far and few between. 

Tuesday nights are usually a gym night but last night I was planning on staying home because, well, I just wanted to spend some time with my baby.  Upon my husbands call, though, I immediately thought ‘bootcamp at 7, Pilates at 8’.  And then I really started to think…the DVR is filling up quick, my pile of unread Parenting and Glamour magazines is overflowing, and when was the last time I just sat? 

Oh the torture…should I do my body good and get some exercise, or should I relax?  I had a donut at work and felt guilty about not hitting the gym, especially knowing it wouldn’t be taking me away from my baby.  And for me, the gym is relaxing because it takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me and I get all that stress out of my body.  However, the thought of just sitting on the couch and doing nothing sounded so good I wanted to fake a reason to leave work early.

What mom hasn’t been here before?  It doesn’t have to be the gym/couch tug ‘o war, but I think at some point every mom is faced with the choice of relax and put the feet up or do something more productive.  Perfect example – lately, on Saturday’s when the baby naps, I do small chores around the house instead of relax.  Things need to get done whether I like it or not (I’ve prayed to the chore fairy and she has yet to show up).  Maybe that’s what drove my decision to…

SIT ON THE COUCH AND CATCH UP ON THE DVR!!  Yep, you probably saw that one coming.  And you know what?  I don’t regret it.  When my husband and baby walked in the door at 8 I felt recharged and refreshed.  Of course that lasted exactly 5 minutes…

C’mon moms – tell me about the last time you had a choice between relaxation and productivity?  Was it worth it?


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