Can you Take It Easy – I’m Trying to Tweeze, Apply, and Polish

Yesterday we piled into the car – me, my husband, baby, mom, dad – oh, and my makeup case – to head out to Pennsylvania for a BBQ at my aunt’s house.  I put my makeup on, plucked my eyebrows, and touched up my nail polish in the car (and no, I wasnt driving, my dear husband was). 

This isn’t the first time since becoming a mom that I have performed my makeup routine en route to an event.  Gone are the days when I could wake up and take my leisurely time to get ready.  Sitting in my shower is a tub of body scrub I bought a few weeks before my son was born and I think I’ve used twice since and I’m lucky if I can shave my legs and throw some lotion on (in steps LUSH King of Skin – great moisturizer, not greasy, sinks in well, and leaves me super soft in a fraction of th time it takes to cover myself in lotion).   Point is, getting ready just isn’t as easy as it was 10 months ago.  But I refuse to show up at a party looking like I just rolled out of bed.  So I prioritize.  I can’t blow dry and straighten my hair in the car, but I can do my makeup.  And while I wouldn’t recommend painting  your nails Viva Pink in a moving car while wearing white pants, I just couldn’t show up with my nails as chipped up as they were.  So with much effort and care, I looked a bit better and I managed to keep my white pants polish free. 

I wonder what measures other mothers go through to look great when pressed for time?  I also wonder if its moments like the ones above – flying down Rt 80 trying to not stab my eye out with tweezers – that make me a nut.  Wouldnt is just be easier to go au naturale?  It probably would’ve made the first half hour of the trip a lot more pleasant for me (and the rest of the clan considering they had to listen to me while I attempted all this).  But I can honestly say I wouldn’t have felt like myself.


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